Reach RS+ inaccurate and no fix

Hi all,

i have a problem with Reach RS+ under situations with obstruction by vegetation, trees.

Everytime when I am under situations with obstruction like trees (only some trees not in a forest) the position varies. But after repeated restart attempts, i got the right result. (also in with obstruction)

I also faced the position issues after moving. For example, I moved from a clear view postion under a tree -> the position is false (the position said that I jumped to the neighbours ground but in fact I just moved 3metres not 20metres). After moving back from the obstruction to the clear view position i also have wrong position values (I am still at the neighbours ground).

Furthermore, I have issues when I was moving under clear condition. The first 5-6 points where okay, but than the position varied a lot.

Nearby there were also high-voltage lines. May they have affected the satellite signals?

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This is a well known behaviour will L1-only devices and is documented tens if not hundreds of times on this forum. Even when you get back to clear conditions it can take several minutes to re-acquire a Fixed solution. I have seen high voltage lines affect range related to the LoRa radio, but not the actual satellite communications. This environment is the worst of both worlds and would be an occasion where we get out the robotic total station.


Hi @Vermesser,

The RS+ is a single-band receiver which requires a clear sky view for good performance. That is why you can lose fix underneath the trees or any obstacles. Also, when you get back to the clear view it could take some minutes to acquire a fix solution.

Could you please specify the firmware version you are using?


Hi @artem.fomenko, hi @chascoadmin,

thank you for your reply and explanations.

Is there any best practice guide available how to survey with L1-only device?

ReachView Version: v2.22.4

Thanks and BR

Yep, it’s quite simple actually:

  1. no/very few obstructions above 30 degrees over the horizon
  2. ensure good SNR at all times. Don’t go in behind buildings, under trees or put the receiver in your car, if you would like a continuous fix. This will break your fix, and the receiver would have Re-initialize to get it back, which on the L1-only product can take a few minutes.
  3. keep an eye out for your PDOP value. Keep it under 1.3-1.5, which is quite demanding on the environment.

Hi @Vermesser,

The guidelines from @wizprod are correct. I’d also recommend checking our guide on RS+ placement.


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