Reach RS+ in UK with LoRa on 900Mhz allowed?


Just recieved my pair of Reach RS+'s and apart from the manual stating that they should be kept away from heat, mosture, water and dust and then the next section stating they’re IP67, I’m a little concerned about the frequencies of the LoRa radios.

I thought that in the UK, we were not permitted to use 900Mhz without a licence (Amateur Radio) and instead most things use 433Mhz. Can anyone confirm where we stand as i’m about to send £1500 of gear back at present.

I found this link Reach RS LoRa in Europe but would like proof for the UK (not just Europe in general).




The UK LoRa devices are normally working within EU863-870 band. According to discussions in forums OFCOM is fine as long as the device sticks to this band and has CE marking.

Reach RS+ is surely protected from water, moisture and dust. You can see plenty of examples of use in harsh conditions around the forums. RS+ has successfully passed IP66 and IP67 testing. However, we still do recommend that it is used reasonably and kept in good conditions where possible.


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