Reach RS- Ground Points

Hello there,

I´m from Brazil, and just bougth an Reach RS, and I´m having some questions regarding the settings of Reachview for Ground Points purposes. The GP and their coordinates will be use to improve the accuracy of drone maps within processing softwares.

I didn´t understood which position mode should I use for collecting GP, if the Single, Static or Kinematic. And in Brazil, I have to use only GPS+GLONASS?

Thank you!

Hi, have you used GNSS equipment before?
I need a bit more information about your setup before i can help out

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Thank you for your reply!
It is my first time using GNSS. And I don´t have sure about the setup!
For the Base coordinates I´m using Average fix with 2.7 min of coordinate accumulation time. Should I increase the time?

And I´m using LoRa, KineMATIC, Fix-and-Hold, Glonass Air mode on, and GPS+ GLONASS+SBAS+QZSS; 5Hz.

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