Reach RS: Forget WIFI password

Dear all,
I forget the WIFI password of Reach receivers and unfortunately i can’t connect receivers to Laptop using USB cable. I follow all instructions and USB RNDIS devices can’t be installed. Please help me

Are the Reach receivers in hotspot mode?

Are the Reach receivers configured to connect to any other Wi-Fi network?

You could always reflash them and start over with default settings.

You could persist with trying to get Ethernet-over-USB working. If you can’t do it with Windows, perhaps you could boot a Linux live distribution on a USB flash drive, and then run a few simple commands to get it working.

Thank you @bide. It’s in hotspot mode. I’ve a computer with Centos 7. Please, which command must i run on Linux?
Thanks in advance

OK, open your xterm window or other terminal.

Turn on Reach RS first and get the USB cable ready.

Run these commands as root or with the sudo prefix:

tail -f /var/log/syslog

Now plug in your Reach to the computer with the USB cable. Watch the system log for a line like so:

cdc_ether 1-5:!.0 enp0s26d6u3: renamed from usb0

That is Reach’s new Ethernet over USB interface name. It will probably be usb0 or it could be that name starting in enp0…

ifconfig -a

See the list of available interfaces and try to recognize usb0 or that other name.

Now, configure that interface to be on the 192.168.2.xx network.

ifconfig usb0

Substitute usb0 for the device name you saw.

Now, just open your browser and go to and ReachView should come up. There you can change your settings. That address is the default one that Reach always assigns itself for its Ethernet over USB interface.

Let me know if you have any troubles.

Hi Haiti,

Have you changed the password? The standard one is ‘emlidreach’.

Hi Tatiana,
I changed the default password.

As @bide suggested, if you don’t have important data on the unit, it’s easier to reflash it.

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