Reach RS for timelapse photography - Possible?

First of all I am completely new to this. I am just a photographer with great ideas. :wink:

I have a question concerning the Reach RS and it’s possibilities:

I would like to take time lapse pictures in urban areas over a longer period of time. For example I would like to shoot the same scene at daylight and nighttime, and then merge both images in a creative way in Photoshop. I think todays RTK GPS offer good enough accuracy to keep image editing bearable.

I thought about using the Reach RS for this task. Would it be possible to mount the Reach RS on the tripod and find the exact shooting position again after some time? Afterwards I would just remove the Reach RS from the tripod and mount the camera instead.
I think I will need a mobile device to get a feedback from the receiver on spot, and I will need some kind of life correction data (in Austria there is a service called APOS offering that).

I don’t want to spent a lot of money for that, since the budget for photographers is tight and in the end it’s still just an idea. But the setup should be as light and compact as possible, since some spots may be in rural areas, so I would prefer a clutter free solution with my smartphone.

Any ideas how to solve that?

That is indeed a great idea!

If you have a source of RTCM3 corrections through NTRIP you will only need one Reach RS. If you do not want to depend on the network connection or there is no available basestation in 10km range you will need 2 Reach RS.