Reach RS+ for surveying - WGS84 X Other datums

Hello all,
I’m planning on buying a pair of Reach RS+ for surveying, and use it as base and rover. I’m aware that Reach uses WGS84, but in my country we use SIRGAS 2000.

My city provides known points, with defined coordinates (700+ points spread across the city), so all my surveying will start on these known points. My question is, how do I proceed with these convertions? Should I convert the known point from SIRGAS 2000 to WGS84, collect all the data, and then convert again to SIRGAS 2000?


Yes and no, you generally should convert points to WGS84 but from what I have read SIRGAS 2000 is identical to WGS84. If true you can enter your SIRGAS 2000 coordinates as base and run RTK. Reach wouldn’t know difference and all points surveyed would be referenced to your SIRGAS 2000 coordinate value.

Play with some of the transformation tools available online to verify.

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