Reach RS Float Points not aligning with GCP

We set up GCP with two Reach RS - one as a Base (stationary tripod) and one as a Rover (prism pole) using two methods: First method was set as “Fix” and the second method was set as “Float.” When using “Fix,” points are aligned with GCP. When using “Float,” the points are not aligned with the GCP - instead they almost appear to be averaged between all GCP locations.

Instead of going back and resurveying in “Fix” mode, is there any way to reorient the surveyed “Float” points so that they are in the location of the surveyed GCP?

From here on out, is the best method to use “Fix” only?

Thanks in advance!

If your have logs from rover and base, could you postprocess to get fix on those points?

Yeah, you only want to record points in FIX mode if you are trying to get real time coordinates when you log a point. Whether you are going to do RTK work or post process the float points in the office afterward (which will give you the precision you are looking for) you should make sure to record the raw data file in the rover and base. This will let you correct the raw data if something goes wrong with the RTK solution (ie, if your points are all float)

I should note that you will also want to use the Dev version of ReachView to do this effectively. You can subscribe to this in your app! :smiley:

Yeah, in general if you are not interested in PPK, you should only use the points with fixed solution. Float is just a state of finding the right solution.

Is this the doc on how to post process float points to fixed?

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