Reach RS+ First connection

I have reached some issues connecting first my emild reach rs+ kit. Is someone help me to progress.
PS: I followed these steps in this article but i was blocked on wi-fi connection stage.
First setup | Emlid Docs


Hi Arnaud,

Is Reach connected to your ARCONNECT-STAFF network? It should change the blue LED status from solid to slowly blinking.

At this step, you need to connect your phone to the same network and refresh ReachView 3. Your device should be there on the list.

Thank you @svetlana.nikolenko
ARCONNECT-STAFF is my network. In my case, after connecting the emlid unit to the network, my phone connect automatically itself to the wi-fi and the blue LED status pass to rapid blinking to solid.

I see. I suppose you’ve already checked your username and password, but please make sure they don’t contain special characters.

Then, check that your Wi-Fi frequency is 2.4 GHz, not 5 GHz. Reach can’t work with the last one.

If this doesn’t help, I’d suggest trying to connect Reach to another network. For example, your phone hotspot. And keep me updated!

Now the issue i have is how to enter the point coordinates for base set up. Is someone help me here ?

Hi Arnaud,
The easiest way is to follow the steps in documentation made by the team :

Good luck!

Hi Arnaud,

To set the base coordinates manually, you need to go to the Base mode tab. There you can enter the point coordinates and add the antenna height.

I’d also recommend you to check the Base and Rover setup guide that has shared Zinedine. It is quite detailed, so I believe it’ll help go through the whole configuration process.

Thanks to everyone. I got a very good article which treat well the topic.
Placing the base | Emlid Docs

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