Reach RS+ firmware problem

The problem with Reach RS + is that after recent updates it is practically impossible to work on this device, the last stable internal firmware v.2.22.3 does not allow entering special characters in the user name, the patch has been added in version v. 2.23.3 (dev) solves the problem with special characters, but has a problem with scanning Bluetooth devices. After re-flashing to the last stable version working correctly v.2.18.0 -2.18.1 at the first startup of the system, like the upgrade to version v.2.23.3, which has the above-described error with special characters, so what we wouldn’t do anyway we return to the starting point. If you can opt out of this forced update the first time you run it, let the user decide if you want to upgrade.
Regards Andrzej G

there is a simple way. connect to wifi, but cut off internet access (then you can skip updates after reflash). Greetings from Poland :slight_smile:

Ok, I succeeded. dzięki Marcin…

By the way, I also notice problems in some versions. I use RS2. In version 2.23.3 I also noticed a problem with bluetooth detection for Reach and problems in the NTRIP connection using special characters.
I have now returned to version 2.23.2. I also think that the decision to update when you first start ReachView should belong to the user.

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