Reach RS failing all tests on bootup

We have been using a Reach RS for a couple of years now and haven’t had any issues. In the last two days, the Rover device has failed to boot, getting stuck in the update screen:

As you can see, all the initial tests are failing. There does not seem to be a cause that we can think of on our end (i.e. nothing significant has changed from existing setup).

The first time this screen happened, I setup the firmware update to 2.16, but this has not fixed the problem (the tests were failing before, and after the update).

From reading other comments here, it seems that these are hardware problems. What are the next steps, and how severe is this problem?

Hi @robert1,

Please, try to reflash the unit following this guide and let me know if it helps.

Didn’t you accidentally drop the unit before it?

I’ll reflash today.

It is possible it was dropped - I took it home and another piece of equipment was damaged during that time (I have young kids…). I will check on this front too, but that seems a possible cause.

When trying to reflash, I get:

dfu-util: Device has DFU interface, but has no DFU functional descriptor
dfu-util: Cannot open DFU device 8087:0a99

Doesn’t sound good.

Make sure you flash using the correct method for the correct model. I.e Reach RS or Reach RS PLUS.

Thanks for checking, but it was the right set of instructions. Anything else I can test?

Does Windows detect the Reach RS as a USB device in Device Manager or see it anywhere else in the Device Manager?

Were you trying to update to lateset v2.16? Does the rover function still, but just stuck on older version? Or just dead altogether? I.e. won’t boot or nothing, or does it work at least?

Hey, I am on Ubuntu here. I do not have a Windows system that I can test on until next week.

The firmware update to 2.16 worked - the Reach is on that now. However, it won’t boot into normal operation as the tests are failing. The previous screenshot is as far as I can get.

Yeah, i don’t know UngaBunga, but was just a suggestion if you were on Windows. Hopefully you’ll get some serious help soon.

Hi @robert1,

Did you run ./ with sudo?

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I would see what happens if you can connect to a Windows based PC via USB. Then update that way if it shows in Device Manager.

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