Reach RS Failing ALL tests; Need to get survey data off

Our Reach RS Rover is failing all 5 tests at start up and has the reboot/go to app grayed out. Is there anyway to bypass this testing/update stage so we can download the survey data that we took?

The SSH server should be running, so just copy the files off with SCP command:

scp -r root@reach.local:* .

password is emlidreach

If you’re running Windows, take a look at the WinSCP software. Never used it myself though.

With SFTP NetDrive you can mount the Reach file system as a virtual local drive in Windows.

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Thanks @BenLewis and @bide! I’ve managed to get into the server and download the data.

Any ideas on how to resolve the failing tests? To update, only two tests are done at start up now… both of which fail!
I’ve tried the 15s hardware reboot, but issue persists.

Without any other options, I would just re-flash it and see what happens. (After getting your data / as it will be erased during the flash, which I see you’ve done, but I had to say it just to be thorough.)

Attempting to do this now, but the Edison board config tool keeps failing to connect to the board… Is there a quick way to check the usb serial connection is working? Otherwise, anyway to reflash over wifi?

Use option 2 then: The terminal guide


This seems like a hardware issue. Do you have any details on how this started? I would suggest the following:

  • Try using a different browser, preferable Chrome/Chromium
  • Try to go through with reflashing
  • If this does not help, contact our support for replacement

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