Reach RS external power on/power off


We are thinking on integrating Reach RS on tractors.

First concern on that is power. That could be solved by plugging the unit to a USB car charger, so not that problematic. But wondering if RS extension connector could be used for that and how. Just connecting the GND and 5-40V Input pins to the tractor battery/power supply?

Second concern is automatic startup and shutdown when tractor starts and stops. Is that possible? Or Reach must be started/stopped always manually?


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Hi Iván!

The extension port on Reach RS was designed for this purpose, the connector type in this port is better suited for permanent installations. There is no ability to automatically startup and shutdown, the procedure is manual.


I’m interested in something similar. I’d like to use the Reach RS for a permanent machine GPS position solution for large excavators. It is a nice plug and play form factor for this purpose as it has a battery backup already integrated. Assuming external power is permanently wired from the machine power into the LEMO, if machine power is lost and the battery dies someone has to press the power button to turn it back on. These are typically mounted in difficult to access areas on the machine. If there’s was a software setting in reachview to be “always on” when external power is supplied it would auto boot/turn on (similar to the reach unit).

Are there any plans to add this in future software updates?


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@justin.buckmaster unfortunately, this is not possible on Reach RS due to the hardware design.

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@justin.buckmaster fortunately, this is now possible on Reach RS+ due to the hardware design!

We’ve reimplemented the power circuitry in RS+ in a way that it now has an ability to power up when external power is applied. This option can be enabled/disabled in ReachView.


Ok, great news, thanks!

@mikhail.avkhimenia In the RS+ is the serial output still TTL, or is it now RS232? Any chance it will have ethernet pinouts? A second LEMO connector that supports 802.3at/af POE ethernet would be a really nice addition.

Serial output in RS+ is RS232.


@ivan.lobanov @mikhail.avkhimenia when looking on an RS (not RS+) we see no option for the remote power activation. Is this feature limited to RS+ and RS2?

Thanks, Al.

Hi Al,

Yes, this is the feature of the newer receivers