Reach RS+ doesn't turn on

Hi [liudmila.slepova],
I also have the same probem with my rs+.
after i update the reachview to v 2.6, my device cannot be turned on.
even after i plug the charging cabel, the power indicator is not flashing.

can i also acquire your help with the problem ?

Hi Ardyansyah,

Sure! Let’s see how I can help you here.

Just to make sure I get you right: did it happen after the firmware update?

Is there any LED indication at all? Do the LEDs light up when you press the power button?

yes, right after finishing the update.

the indicator is flashing after i choose reboot in updater. after a while the light is completly off until now even when i plug the charging cable.


When have you updated the device? I just want to understand the timelines of the issue’s appearance.

I’m updating my device using ReachView 3 app at 2pm(GMT+7), there is no error on every checklist in updater window and my device battery is at 90%. The problem occured after i press the “reboot and go to app” button.

after i press the reboot button, the indicator in my device is flashing for a while (around 15 second) and then it goes completely off.



Can you share the serial number of the device with me? You can find it on the bottom side of the receiver under the barcode. Please send it to I’ll take your ticket.

Hi. liudmila.slepova

i’ve sent the email to

Thank you for helping me, i really appreciate it.


I’ve received your email. Let’s continue our correspondence there as we might need some more sensitive info from you. I’ll write you there regarding the further steps.

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