Reach RS+ does not start

I have two Emlid Reach RS+ devices. One of them does not start and does also not charge properly: When I connect the charger I get no LED signal for about half an hour. After that half an hour, the red LED starts blinking as it should when charging. However, afterwards I cannot turn it on and if I disconnect the charger, the process starts all over again (no signal for half an hour). I left it for a day and half charging, but got no result. The other Reach RS+ unit works properly. The charger I use is a 5V 1.5 A charger, which is connected via the micro USB port.

I just tried to start the Reach RS+ while being connected to the charger, I made a video, but cannot upload it, so what happens is the following:

  • Red led is blinking (charging mode)
  • I hold the power button for 3 seconds
  • All the leds start blinking in sequence (first red, then blue, then green), this last for 8 seconds
  • Red led stays on for 3 seconds
  • No led for 4 seconds
  • Red led stays on for 12 seconds
  • Red led stays on and blue led blinks for 2 seconds
  • Red led blinks three times
  • No led for 3 seconds
  • Red and blue led blink at the same time (1 time)
  • No led for 3 seconds
  • Red led in charging mode (blinking)

Do you have any suggestions on how to resolve this problem? Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


Hi Maurits,

It seems like we’ve been in touch over the emails about this Reach RS+ issue.

We’ll replace the device for you. Our Sales Support team will reach out to you soon regarding the replacement details.

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