Reach RS demo unit for cross section monitoring on Rio Grande

Good afternoon All,

I am looking for a demo unit to compare to GR5. I have an 8 year old project on the Rio Grande surveying cross sections and topography and bathymetry to monitor channel change over time.

I am very interested in the equipment, but I would like to run it alongside the Topcon gear to sell the useability to my partners at the USGS and NPS.

It looks like the accuracy is similar, but useability in field and radio coverage are question marks. How useable is the stake out function? Export ease to .csv ? available datums?

Let me know if anyone out there is interested. I will be doing this very soon with folks from the USGS and NPS and a local university. Good exposure potential.

Thank you much,

No stake out unless you use a 3rd party in conjunction.

For $799 you could give it a shot!

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