Reach RS coordinates with NTRIP - output shp file

We’ve used our RS+ successfully in survey mode with an incoming NTRIP correction. Given that the coordinate system the NTRIP corrections are broadcast in are a national coordinate system, when a shp file is exported from the RS+ does the ‘projected coordinate’ field retain the horizontal and vertical coordinate systems from the NTRIP correction, or are they converted by the RS+ into WGS84?

Errors in recent survey point collections with a fix position (~30 cm lon, 1m lat, 70cm vertical) seem to suggest that perhaps our assumption of the NTRIP coordinate system being retained in the shp file is wrong.

the correction source shapes your data, so if the correction source were to be NAD83 then your resulting data would be nad83. it would make no sense for it to be otherwise. in my area plate movement (velocity) is 2 to 5 cm per year. so if i use a static datum like nad83 2011 as my correction source (my base station coordinates) there isnt a way emlid would be able to know the local velocity of plate movement and shift my results accordingly back to WGS84/IGSo8/itrf08/itrf2014.

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