Reach RS connected from NTRIP service. I can not "Fix Mode" Reach View APP for ANDROID

No, unfortunately you cant.

Hello @TB_RTK

What application do you recommend me to make that correction?

Must be some geoid model, but i am not familiar with that in your area.
RTKpost has a buildt in feature where you can apply and load custom models. I would also check with your national service if they have a more custom local model, like we have.
Sorry i couldnt be of any more help here

Hola. Nice to know that you are from galicia.:wink: you can use mobile topogtqpher the get points with ortometric heigh corrected by egm96 geoid that can have errors in height between 5 to 50cm. But if you have in spain your own geoid model as we have in portugal PT-08 you have to search wich is in galicia or if is on web any coordinates converter with geoid that someone developed there.
Here in portugal we have some converters.

Other solutions are using qgis to correct your points but could be more complex to do…

With ppk in rtkpos im not used to… I wish to learn better how to work with rtk conv rtkpos and rtkplot

Best wishes

Hello @pvargues

I have already solved it with these two APP:
Lefebure NTRIP Client
Mobile Topographer Pro

I followed the instructions in this tutorial:

Mobile Topographer Pro allows me to apply to the geodetic reference system of the Canary Islands (REGCAN95 UTM 28N), my work zone.


Thats it! i use it like that too but with the ETRS-89-PT-06.

Anyway mobile topographer only apply geoid model egm96 that is a global geoid with “low resolution”

Here in Portugal using Lefebure NTRIP Client and Mobile Topographer Pro we have to correct the elipsoid height to orthometric heigh with our own geoid PT-08 anyway because we found differences in the height accuracy using geoid EGM96 that mobile topographer provides. That differences can be 5 to 50cm. it depend the zones.

I dont know if spain has an own geoid model.

Best wishes

About you rtk settings. Why are you using the elevation mask so height, 25? it can lead a less accuracy right? or am i wrong?

It is a recommendation of @TB_RTK, after processing some data that I sent from my area.

Ok @DOMINGO_FERNANDEZ, probably i need someone to analise my data as well… About using continuos or fix and hold i allways try to use continuous when walking around with the rover , i think fix and hold could be good for a fixed position on a tripod to record base positions.

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