Reach RS & Carlson Survpc Setup, anyone get this to work?

We are using Calson SurvPC on a w10 tablet, and we aren’t having the greatest luck getting survpc to connect to the Reach RS, even though windows sees it as a connected bluetooth device. Is anyone else using this configuration? any advice on getting survpc to connect to the reach would be greatly appreciated.

I did try setting the reach rs bluetooth to com3 as an outgoing connection from the tablet, then using carlsons generic bluetooth adapter set to com 3 as well, but no avail. i’ll post some screencaps when i get back to the office

Hey there,

Could you please try to pair Reach with your PC from the ReachView side?

  1. Turn on BT on both: Reach and your PC.
  2. Send connection request to your PC from ReachView

  3. Approve pairing request on your PC

  4. Navigate to device settings in SurvPC

  5. Make search for BT devices, Reach should appear in the list

After updating carlson Survpc to the newest version i do see a listing for the Emlid Reach. After using the reach to initiate the bluetooth connection to the tablet, then opening survpc to connect i still get a bluetooth error using the windows mobile bluetooth. switching to the generic bluetooth adapter and assigning a com port seems to solve the issue of connectivity.

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