Reach RS can't connect via Lora

I want use two Reach RS via Lora survey,but now i set Rover module correction input is lora communication,the picture is my set,

and the picture shows always connect Base station ,but the reachview can’t shows base station gnss gray signal
the lora module frequency and air date rate set same,


Please provide a system report with the settings. Does the issue perssist after a reboot. What is your solution status?

Now i cant receive REACH RS signal at status,it not display gray pillar.

The REACH RS have set same parameter,i can see correction input display have communication another REACH RS.

but i cant see BASE date at status display gray pillar, and the AGE AR BASELINE column display zero.

Check your RTCM3 messages:

Is your base outside and receiving satellite signal?

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yes i can received satellite signal!

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hello can anyone help me?

can you help me?

can you help me?

Could you please post a system report?

I have sent system report to bide,but i don’t received any answer

Well, we are on our fri time here and @bide is a busy man for sure. :blush:
Could you post it here?
If you have sensitive info on it and dont want to go public, you could send me a PM.

can you send me your email?

I would like you to send me an PM on this forum, if thats ok.
Link to dropbox or google disk is awesome :slight_smile: (68.8 KB)

Hi, thanks. @bide reminded me of this one. You sent me before but i could not trace this issue.
Its been forwarded to Emlid

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