Reach RS can't be turned On

hi there. i’ve a problem here… my reach RS (1st generation) suddenly shutting down couple minutes after turning on. it happens repeatedly. it occurs on reachview 2.18.0, then updating to 2.18.1 and still occurs… and now it can’t be turned on anymore… the batery indicator when it On before was 85%. hope anyone here can share his/her experience to me… best regards…

What happens if you let it sit with a charger attached for 2-3 hours?

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i’m thinking to try it… let’s see…

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Just curious, as I have the non-plus Edison versions also, do you use yours all the time or do you leave them un-used for months before putting back on charger?

You may need to email Emlid support with your serial number and the problem to see if they can help.

Do you have 1 or 2 RS receivers?

But as @wizprod stated, get it on a charger for a good while and try again.

no difference… it is still can’t be turned on. :disappointed_relieved:

this is my very active unit. the problem occurs when it’s being used on work.

i just have one rs receiver other are the old Edison and neutis M+.

Hi @binsholih,

Please answer the following questions:

  • Did the issue occur just after updating to v2.18.0?
  • What’s the LEDs status when you try to turn it on?

I had the same issue on the same equipment, the first (rover) was replaced with RS+ and it was an issue with front panel. Contact was bad. Now my second unit (base) face the same problem. This is probably a component bad quality behaviour in first generation of RS.

it was happen a couple off days after updating to 2.18.0

offcourse the led is off, that’s why i’m trying to turn it on

wow… i hope i will get the new unit one… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi @binsholih,

Please contact us on with the following details:

  • Reach RS Serial Number (it’s printed on the bottom under the bar code)
  • Order date and number
  • Shipping address

Reach RS has a one-year warranty. For out-of-warranty unit, we can suggest sending it for paid service in case there is a local dealer nearby.

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