Reach RS+ cannot charge after being switched off for more than 1 month

Reach rs + I can’t charge after turning off for more than 1 month.
Please make a solution so that Reach + rs can be used again.
Is this a battery problem or other problems.
And can I fix it myself ?? because there is no local seller at my location.
or does it have to be sent back to the factory for repair.
Sorry. I’m still a nub for surveying problems

Provide more exact details of what you are using to charge with to help. Search here in the meantime, as there are some posts about problems may have like this.

To charge im using a vivo mobile charger with a 5 volt / 2 amphere output.
I also tried to replace it using a laptop. but still it didn’t work.
I’ve been charging all night. after that the charging indicator is on but after I press the on button. can’t turn on my reach rs.

reach rs + I can’t be charged. is this a battery problem?
does anyone ever replace the battery reach rs +?
can the battery be replaced by yourself or must be returned to the dealer for repair? use a vivo mobile charger 5v / 2A .

can my problem be solved by charging using the port ??
it doesn’t matter if I have to bring Powerbank for charging because I will use it for base.

Hi @indro.xpunk,

Does it mean Reach worked earlier?

Is charging through the port able to solve my problem where reach RS I can’t charge via the USB port?
has anyone ever experienced a problem like mine and how was it resolved?

please help because I’m a nub user.:grin::grin::grin:

Hi, the USB port should receive a charge, have you tried any other chargers? Try to find one that is rated for 2.0A output.

Otherwise, yes, you can charge through the bottom RS connector too. What I found works the best is to order the CBL101 and use it with a 12vdc charger. This is how we run all of our antennas now.

and right, this is a battery problem. My battery reach RS is damaged because I haven’t used it for more than 1 month.
i open reach my old rs. then I tried to replace the battery reach my rs that I received 3 days ago. after I attach the battery reach my new rs, reach rs my old one can be turned on again.

this is my old reach rs which is replaced with battery new reach rs.

I have not tried accuracy, but I hope there are no problems with that.

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Hi @indro.xpunk,

Reach RS+ battery can be stored for a long time. One-month storage hardly can damage the battery.

This is a software issue that was fixed in the last v2.16.1 firmware update. I recommend you to reflash the unit using this guide.


Once you get it to power on of course to do so. : /

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I thought I’d look for someone to check the battery. is the battery really damaged or not ?? and ask him to repair.
if the battery is really damaged, can you advise me where I can buy a new battery. and if i replaced with another battery with the same voltage does it affect my performance reach rs ??
(nub user question :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)
Thank you for the advice. this is very petrified


The battery should be fine. Great to hear the unit is working now.

We’ve already made changes to eliminate this issue in the future.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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