Reach RS+ can not receive GPS signal in ROS

I have a very strange problem with using RS+ that is when I connect RS to ROS alone,RS can receive the GPS signal and output it to my computer.

BUT, when I launched other devices like Lidar , imu , cameras , the GPS signal was gone! I ruled out the cause of electromagnetic interference, because GPS signal reception is normal when other devices are running but not connected to ROS.
AND, when I ended the ROS terminal, the GPS signal was restored.

That is so strange! Generally, the GPS signal is only related to RS itself. So why does the signal disappear when I connect RS with other devices to ROS ?

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Hi @Ikaros,

I can hardly be of much help with questions regarding Reach and ROS integration since we have never done this before. Maybe some of our users will advise something.

However, if you’d like to check, electromagnetic interference can be easily defined by analyzing Reach logs. You can either look into this guide from our docs or reach out to us.

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