Reach RS Calibration (XYZ Correction Coefficient)

I have bought Reach RS and In my country Georgia, we need to input correction coefficients to match Georgian System CORS, how and where can I do it? People here are not familiar with EMLID they only can do it on TRIMBLE, TEKLA or TOPCOM RTK GPS systems.

If you need more info please post it here.

Thank you!

Not possible to input any other system yet. But Reach should be able use most up to date correction formats in the correction input section

What does your spec for this service says? Do you have publication note for it?


Reach does not support correction in local coordinates systems. We only work with EPSG:4326, at least for now. Most CORS systems provide corrections(including the base station position) in the form of LLH coordinates with WGS84 heights. Usually you only need to choose the right mountpoint.

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