Reach RS+ cable specification

Hello world,

For our last RS+ integration over the rooftop of an agricultural machine we need a few meters of cable, from the antenna to the controller. Unfortunately those we bought are a few centimeters short.

Looking for a solution on the online shop, I only saw 2m or 10m cables, but nothing between these two measures.

The product description on the website is stingy in technical details and we are unable to define the complete reference (is it CBL101?) and characteristics such as cable shield, twisted pair, cable diameter etc.

Where could we find these informations ? Is it possible to get access to it, aiming at a proper integration and eventually an industrial production on our side of a perfect length cable?


Hi @Ne0tuX,

I’m checking the characteristics with the team now. I’ll get back to you as soon as there’s any news.

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Hi @Ne0tuX,

We can guarantee flawless devices’ work with our cables only, as we thoroughly tested their performance. That’s why we don’t suggest custom cable production and can hardly provide a detailed specification for that.

Our cable should be fine for permanent connection and setup on an agriculture machine. To lengthen the cable, you can use the CBL101 pinout scheme. To connect 2 cables, you will need to twist the wires with the corresponding colors. Please note that each wire needs to be insulated.

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