Reach RS bottom connector type?

I have been searching the forums and have as of yet not been able to figure out what type of connector is on the bottom of the Reach RS? I found the pinout diagram in the docs and have the info to make the cable I need for the Reach RS but after strolling around the Mouser catalog I have yet to figure out the bottom connector type?

DF13 - As mentioned in the docs

Reach has dual DF13 connectors and comes with all required cables to connect to other devices. In case you would like to make you own cable assembly here are the appropriate connector part numbers:

On Reach: Hirose DF13-6P-1.25H(50)
Receptacle: Hirose DF13-6S-1.25C 

There are links to the product pages on mouser and digikey in the docs as well.

Thanks taking time to respond. I was specifically wondering however on the bottom connector for the Reach RS and not the orignal Reach module. The connector is labeled DC in 5-40 V and is a 9 pin circular connector of some sort. Reach RS bottom connector pinout this link is the pinout for the connector from the docs but I still am unsure of what this connector would be called?

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Found something like it:

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