Reach RS Bluetooth Connects but immediately drops

I am having an issue with the Bluetooth, this is the second time i am facing it. The thing is that my Emlid Reach can be seen and paired but can not connect. I am sending you two videos of that. This videos were taken after i reflashed (the way i solve it last time)
Version is up to date

The first time, like three months ago i face this issue i flashed the Reach and it works, BT paired and connected but this time i want to ask you if you know the answer or solution for this, not to flash my Reach again.

I try with another Android phone and it happen the same, it connect and immediately drops the connection and stay in Paired

Can you help me with that?

Please find attached two videos, each one trying to connect REACH RS to BT

EMLID Reach RS BT Issue

Phones used:
Samsung Note 9 SM-N960U1 Android 8.1.0
ASUS Z01HD Android 7.1.1

Hi Erik,

May I ask you to specify what you mean by connection issues? Could you describe your desired workflow in more detail?

From what I see in your videos, the receiver pairs with the device and is ready to transmit data, however, there is no indication of any further issues.

Please note that your first video of connection with Samsung device is damaged. It’d be great if you could upload it once again so that we could check it.

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