Reach RS & Bluetooth Connection to Android

Hello. New forum user, but I’ve been researching the forums for a week now, and cannot seem to figure out the issue I am seeing. I am in Wisconsin, and am connecting my Reach RS rover to the WisCORs network. For this purpose, I want to utilize the Rover only (even though I have a base unit as well).

Next, after getting connected to WisCORs I want to connect my Samsung Galaxy S7 to the Rover via bluetooth using NMEA format. I keep getting a "Send error (111) even though my Rover says it is connected for call and media audio to my phone.

Am I doing this correctly to see the data coming from the Reach RS rover on my phone utilizing the Reachview app? Is this the best way to connect my phone to the rover, and if not what is the best way?

In addition, is there a way to change coordinate systems and units (to a local SPC system in US Survey feet) within the Reachview App? If not, is this something that is being looked at for the future?

In what way would you like to see/use the data from Reach? e.g the reachview app doesnt use bluetooth connection, for that you need wifi.

It depends on the usage. For utilize the Reach buildt in interface (e.g like in your pictures above) the wifi is usually the way to go.
For usage of positioning data coming from Reach, there are numerous, like bluetooth, wifi, uart etc.

Regarding the BT connection. After you pair the devices(not connect them), your phone is expected to initiate the connection. That’s why you see the send error. Reach is looking for an incoming connection to send data to, times out, looks again.

Detailed steps in our BT tutorial.

Not at the moment, but it’s in the works.

OK… I seem to be two steps behind from where I was before. What I need to know is how I can connect my phone to the Rover unit and still be able to get data from WisCORs. If I connect to the Rover hotspot, I don’t get any internet connection. If I try to connect my Rover via bluetooth to my phone utilizing my mobile hotspot, I cannot find my Reach RS rover. Thoughts?

I next set up my Base and Rover utilizing the videos that Alliant UAV have created. This all worked out great, but as I am out trying to gather survey data I cannot get a fix on any locations that I set up the Rover over. I can sit in any particular location for 5 minutes and cannot get a fix on the position, and my accuracy keeps getting worse with time.

This really cannot be as hard as it seems to be, can it? My wife is an IT professional, and following the docs she cannot get these units set up (she deals with Trimble on a regular basis). What are we missing here, because these units seem to be working great for everyone else…

Should work. Did you see this post?

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Thank you. I will check this out and drop a note with my results!

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