Reach RS+ battery problem after long storage period

Sorry to all the users but yesterday I withdrawn this post because after one hour the red led started blinking during USB charge so I supposed that that problem was only linked to the time needed for current to pass through the circuit after a complete discharge of the battery (Maybe when I storage the unit I accidentally I have forgotten to turn it off). However, after one day of charge the led continues to blink and if I try to turn the unit ON nothing happens again.
So I post again the question of yesterday, in the case that the battery is damaged how should I proceed to fix it ??

-------Post of yesterday…
Hello everyone,
after four months of field activities stop, today I decided to check my Reach RS+ unit but unfortunately, my base did not turn on. I tried to charge it again but now the real problem is that when I connect the unit to USB nothing happens. The charger is absolutely ok because the other unit (the rover) works well showing the red led blinking during the charge.

Someone please could help me with the battery model and specs and with the steps required for replacing the battery because I don’t want to remove the screews before knowing what I should do after.

Hi Daniele,

Please, contact us at with the S/Ns of both devices and we’ll see how we can resolve it for you.

Many thanks Tatiana for your quick reply, as always :-). I am writing to your support team.

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