Reach RS+ Base won´t turn on after update

I´m posting this thread in order to know if someone has experienced the same and how to solve it in such case.

A couple of days ago, I was preparing my rover and base for a survey when the notification of a software update to version 26 poped up. So I decided to update in order to have no trouble. The rover updated without any issues, but the base once it turned off to reboot, never turned back on. We tried everything: different cables, different chargers and the hard reset (15 seconds on the power button) but nothing seems to work. It is completely dead. It shows no light nor activity even when charging.
We left it charging all night, and still no response.

Please would like to know if somebody knows a solution we really need the equipment for a survey.

Thank you

Hi @a.labastida,

Please email us the serial number of the device and order date at