Reach RS+ base with Trimble rover over YouCORS


I ordered Reach RS+ and make it base. I made all the settings and using caster YouCORS Amsterdam. It shows all ok and green (getting data), but when I insert mount-point passwords etc. to tractor it connects but no correction. Any ideas what is wrong?
Scheme is Reasch RS+ as BASE (collecting data from satellites and sending thought wifi and NTRIP to caster) Tractor Fendt as Rover (It have Trimble RTK Ntrip capable 3G receiver).
When I enter local dealer correction signal mount-point and password, all works!
What is different with Reasch RS+, any idea?



Perhaps, the receiver in your tractor requires multi-frequency RTK corrections. This should be specified in the documentation of your rover.

So? Not possible with Reach RS+? Any ideas how to get things working? On the picture you see working solution by local ntrip provider.

Yeah Reach RS or RS+ won’t work with either the older Topcon AGI-4 based VarioGuide or the newer Trimble AG-382 receivers.

I tried years ago when I first got my Reach RS units and got not joy either using NTRIP or strapping a compatible UHF to the Reach.

You’ll have to wait I’m afraid for the RS2 to be released in June with multi-frequency L1 and L2 support before it will work.

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