Reach RS (Base) to Reach RTK (Rover) Radio communication

I am trying to set up a Reach RS as a base and a Reach RTK as a rover using radio communication. The Reach module will be set up on a drone for aerial mapping and I need a decent range communication between rover and base, but LoRa appears to be incompatible with Reach RTK, so I want to know if it is possible to communicate both devices using a YKS – 3DR Radio (915 Mhz). If someone has previously done this, a connection guide would be greatly appreciated!


I use the 3DR radios through the USB OTG connector both on the Reach RTK rover and the Reach RS base. I used the 3DR config tool to set both the USB 3DR’s to 57600 prior to connection and basically ensured that they were talking to each other prior to connecting to reach. Works like a charm.

I power the reach RTK rover via the DF13 connector.


Thank you, I’ll give this a try!

Hi Simon
Just another quick question. What’s the longest distance between devices for radio communication using 3DR? Have you tested this?
Thank you very much!

I have not had much luck over more than a few hundred metres, Because the phantom will not accept reach as positional input I have dropped back to PPK. For you with the ability to input the RK into the autopilot I can see why this is an attractive option.

Hi Simon_Allen.
Could you detail your Base and Rover settings in the ReachView?
I’m trying to connect a Reach RS (base) and a Reach RTK via 3DR radio (configured with the leds indicating communication).

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