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I am looking use the Reach RS as a base station, together with the Reach M+ when it comes out (hopefully my Reach RS will work as well as the new RS+) and I intend to link the M+ to a camera and some sort of UAV system (whether I use DJI and separate Flight controller im unsure yet), to create the RTK side, does the Reach RS (used as base station) need to be on an absolute known reference point to create the accuracy, or is it good enough to be on any point, and the accuracy is created between the base and the M+ on the UAV? If im at a remote location and have no external server source for rtk realtime data, the only reference system I will have is the Reach RS on ground and M+ on UAV. Im quite new at this so dont know if im missing the point somewhere . Many thanks

This statement is correct. :+1: The base station coordinate is chosen in one of many ways. Then you collect your accurate data points for the rover and their accuracy is relative to your chosen base station coordinate.

If, for some reason, you need to adjust your base station coordinate after the data has been collected, you can shift all your data points over using an external program of your choice. Otherwise, you could just run the post-processing job again using the adjusted base station coordinate.

Thank you for that - what software would you recommend for post processing for this

I use geographiclib, but is it a command line tool and does not allow for height. It only calculates directly on the WGS84 ellipsoid. (best used near sea-level)

Other people use QGIS and other programs, but I am not familiar. You might find some other posts on the forum about that, or maybe someone else will offer a suggestion.

Thamks - I use QGIS, and Phtoscan Pro, I was really aiming at what software you would post-process the GNSS data as Ill be using them within the photo EXIF information to process the images - but obviously want to ensure the ground data is geographically correct in the first instance. If I also link into CORS data I would need some way of processing. Ive seen RTKLIB but cant find out much about it, its operation or anything like that.

OK you definitely need another user to chime in then. I haven’t dealt with photo tagging workflow.

For RTKLIB, there is a post-processing guide in the Emlid docs. There is also a PDF manual written by the author of RTKLIB. There are a lot of options in the software, and you will probably change very few of them and leave most as default.

If you like the techy details, there is a wordpress blog with a lot of RTKLIB info and some modified code. The name is rtkblibexplorer.

I’d recommend using the Emlid version of the RTKLIB software though (also found in the docs).

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than you - looks like I’ve got some more research to do!!

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