Reach RS Base Station Setup

As of now, 5:16 PM May, 22 2018, I have performed a firmware reflash and update to all associated apps.

I have followed the quickstart guide to “Setting up base station” and “Setting up rover”.

I have my “Base” Reach set in Base mode to LoRa, 1000.0 MHz, 9.11 kB/s, and the correction output set to “ON”.

I have my “Rover” Reach set in Correction input ALSO to LoRa, 1000.0 MHz, 9.11 kB/s, and format RTCM3.

I have both units on my kitchen table next to my laptop and the Rover and Base are communicating.

QUESTION: When I set up the base station on a tripod, do I need to go in and do anything? Or will it automatically startup in the base mode settings I have chosen? IF SO, then all I need to do is connect to the rover and set up a new project with Float and Fix with their specific criteria to perform a survey with RTX corrected positions? I do have raw logging on in both the base and the rover to allow for the additional post processing.

Thank you for you time everyone and I apologize if this is a simple question. I was handed these units and told to get them running.

It will start up with setting you left it with when you turned it off.
Other then that, base coordinates set to average will need to be reloaded.
If you have base set with manual predefined coordinates of the known point, this will load automatically.

when the above is solved, you would be ready to survey with the rover.

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