Reach RS+ as DJI Phantom RTK base

Dear people, do you think it’s possible to use a RS+ with a Phantom RTK as a basestation through setting up an Emlid caster ? Before I start spending money on extra equipment…

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Not for RTK, no, but probably very likely for PPK.


Thank you for the reply, for PPK definitely, that’s a working process I used before. The Emlid RS+ only has L1 and P4PR has L1 and L2, however, I think it’s possible to setup a caster and connect both devices to the caster…

There’s no way to tell the P4RTK to not look for L2 though and when it doesn’t see it then it will not fix.

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Thanks Michael, and when it doesn’t find the fix, it will not make the corrections at al?

I haven’t tried it specifically with the P4RTK but the Yuneec and our Autel didn’t work. Logged in but never fixed. Logging for PPK was fine though.

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Hi Remco,

Christian and Michael are right, you indeed can’t use a Reach RS+ as a base for multi-band drone in RTK. The reason is that Reach RS+ is a single-band receiver that sends only L1 corrections.

However, data can be processed in PPK. But I can’t guarantee you will have a Fix solution.

thank you Anna, indeed, with the help of the Emlid community I’ve found out it’s not working with RS+, I’ll switch to RS2(+)


Good move! This is one of those situations where I wish the drone manufacturers would give us more control of the RTK settings. I’ve been telling Autel this for the last month or so and I think they are starting to understand what I’m talking about. The main thing in our area is that Glonass and Beidou are a little sketchy fairly often.

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