Reach RS+ Antenna Height


My Reach is working like a charm - EMLID you did great.

However I have one awkward question!

In the exported CSV file you see the measured hight (e.g. 560m) and the antenna hight (2.0865m).

So is the actual measured hight on the ground 557,9135m or 562,0865m? Or is it 560m because the antenna hight is already included in the calculation?

Thank you!

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In the CSV file, the height is already subtracted, so what you see is the groundpoint of the rover rod.


Thank you, Christian!

Don’t forget that is your ellipsoid height. Not actual ground elevation. You would need to use a third party app that can load a GEOID file for your region for Orthometric height. Or use a website or app that can convert it. Best to set your BASE on a KNOWN SURVEYED POINT or use a NTRIP CORS STATION.

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