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Hello Emlid community,
I am completely new to gps (and no survey background) and just discovered this forum
I have just ordered an Emlid Reach RS+ Base and Rover and it on its way
I am pretty excited and realise there is quite a bit of study to do, but I am confident I could manage.
I want to start using it for stockpile (volume) measurements and bathymetric survey
I only want to use it a local grid and set my base point origin at 0,0,0

I am worried that I might have over looked the fact that export is only in lat, long
And that converting co-ordinates to a x,y,z grid in meters is not that simple

I found a thread with exactly the same issue but unfortunately its closed (is it not better to just keep open?)
But I did not really find a simple solution, this is the link to the thread:

Can somebody point me in the right direction? or give some other solutions (i.e. budget is gone after this purchase) Accuracy is not that critical but should be less than 30cm, so I need a correction on a standard GPS


You can use qgis to calculate volum and it support import of GeoJSON, CSV etc directly from Reachview. Qgis is also free.

Lat/long can also be converted to UTM grid which is also XYZ in meters.


Hi @michielluijken,

As @TB_RTK mentioned, you can do geoprocessing in different GIS. QGIS is just the most popular one.
We’ve such instruments on our to-do list but at the moment you can do that kind of measurements only by using 3rd-party software.

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Thanks Andrew
Do you maybe know what of accuracy I get when I convert lat longs to UTM with for example QGIS?
I can imagine there will be some minor deviations?,

Hi @michielluijken,

If you choose the right UTM zone, there’ll be no deviations.


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