Reach RS+ and Sensefly eBee RTK Drone

Anyone know if Reach RS+ and Sensefly eBee RTK Drone are compatible with each other? Otherwords, receive correction data from the Reach RS+ to the eBee.

Does the Ebee support NTRIP?

I have no idea. Looking at purchasing this unit here

Hi @susimpresiones40,

What’s the GNSS receiver installed on this drone? Is it L1 or L1/L2?

The eBee RTK features a built-in L1/L2 GNSS receiver is what I¨ve read online.

Do you require RTK? The Ebee supports NTRIP. You can setup Reach RS+ to broadcoast NTRIP corrections to a caster. I would assume it would connect but you wont benefit from the L2 frequencies onboard Ebee.

I’ll need to do more research.

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After researching, eBee X RTK requires a GPS to get RTK corrections, it just has to be compatible having protocol communication RTCM 3.0 or 3.2
serial communication to connect it to the PC.

So I guess its possible via wifi or bluetooth connection via a PC.

Any advice?

You might want to see what some of the people here use etc… probably for a more reasonable price.

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I’ve looked. The project is 236 targets each target approximately .9km2. My 1st choice is the Monitor from As I already own the SRV Futura with Lockheed Martin auto pilot system. But the 125k is outside my budget. Whereas with the SRV and eBee as a backup I’ll feel confident.

NO, I have EMLID Reach RS+ units, an eBee X, and previously eBee plus. eMotion detects the RTCM stream, but ultimately rejects it, no matter what version, because of the lack of L2 in the stream. There is a site which lists the options for eMotion:

Theoretically, RS2 should work with eMotion, but we haven’t received our replacements yet, so can’t comment.

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