Reach rs and reach

I am wondering what is the best system to connect the two device to get the rtk fix. I can’t use Bluetooth or WiFi but I think I can use some radio module?

I check the documentation for reach and there are some options but for reach rs there is only lora.

Did someone achieved anything like this?

Yep, you can get the optional Reach RS cable and a set of radios. People use 3DR or the RFD900, and there are others which also operate in the free or unlicensed bands. If you need major power, check into Pacific Crest, but I think you’ll need a radio license or permit to use them.

That sounds great. What is the main difference between 3dr and rfd900?

I think the 3DR is more cheaply made than the RFD900, but there are more types out there, and I don’t know which is best. I only used the RFD900 for s short time until the Reach RS came out with built-in LoRa.

ok thanks :slight_smile:
I think I dont really understand what cable you are talking about for the reach rs, I googled it and I saw a COM cable and not a ttl, so bit confused how to connect the radio to the reach rs

You don’t need to google; they are right here on the website:

And there are two more versions of that cable as well.

Yes, Reach RS is RS232 output, and Reach is CMOS output (but also TTL tolerant). So, depending on which radios you get, you will likely need a signal converter.

Another way is to use USB-OTG adapters and USB-powered radios.

That was my worried. The best solution would be to use a board to connect the RFD which could be this

This only because the reach rs could be low in power and I want to keep the usb for power it.

Then use the normal cable to connect rfd900 to the reach.

Sounds like I found out all I need to continue my project :slight_smile:

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Oooh, that is a new item. I don’t think that interface board was available when I bought mine a couple of years ago. Good find!

Just need to find a supplier in the UK , otherwise need to get a rs232 to TTL and wire it in the “ugly” way.

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