Reach rs+ and Reach RS2 STEP Files

Has anybody managed to download the 3D model .STEP files from the Emlid website?
It takes me to Github which I don’t use so just wondered if anybody had successfully got hold of the 3D models of the Reach rs+ and Reach RS2 units?
I wanted to play around with them for creating brackets or storage options.

DOWNLOAD button to the right on github.

Yeah, cheers I’ve tried that.
It just gives me a load of infinite code.
I’d rather just have the model file.

try right click the DOWNLOAD button and save it to a .step and .iges file for import into your 3d software.

:+1: Bingo…
You know what, i’ve right clicked on that button half a dozen times but it never registered to click on the save link as!! DOH!
Really appreciate that, thank you.

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