Reach RS and Reach RS+

Hello! im new to the forum and the community. I’m getting started in Drone Aerial mapping and i just bought a used Reach RS and Reach RS+ . I was curious if there would be any advantage to which one I designate as the Base and which should be the rover? My thinking is that I think the RS+ has a faster processor and may be better suited as the rover? I will probably be mostly using only a rover (with no base) though because i have pretty good NTRIP coverage here via UNAVCO. Are there any advantages of setting up a Base if there is good NTRIP coverage?

From what I understand the main difference in the RS+ is the new Neutis N5 processor which is ARM-based, is a quad-core and has 8GB of memory vs 2GB for the Intel Edison. It seems like it would make a better rover since they are usually logging at 5Hz vs 1Hz on a base station. I don’t think logs are big enough to warrant a memory increase so being able to store more projects may be a better benefit.

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Agree with Michael, I would add that there should be no difference in terms of RTK or LoRa radio performance


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