Reach RS (and Reach) Connection With Non-Android Devices?

Wow, thats great. I have just left for a week of travel, but will update my Reach units when I return. Thanks for the heads up!

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Hey, the v2.5.3 bluetooth update made a big difference for me. I can report success with getting nmea string over bluetooth com to my Topcon FC-500 (Topcon’s customized Juniper Archer 2, I believe)! Awesome! It’s still hanging when I try to save a point but I’m getting my nmea string right to where it needs to go. I’m going after Topcon tech support now! Or maybe I’ll post it on their users forum :slight_smile: ha ha… yeah, right. anyways, here’s some pictures for evidence.


Great stuff!

Another quick update from me. I installed a demo version of SurvCE on my Topcon FC-500. I was not previously familiar with SurvCE but I was able to connect it to Reach by bluetooth and measure points. Here are a few more screen shots showing ReachRS connected via bluetooth to SurvCE running on Topcon data collector.


At first I was a little confused by the surface BT pairing (before I figured out the com configuration), and so I did try serial over USB since I had gotten NMEA data into arcGIS via usb-over-serial in a VM on my macbook. I did get the same voltage overloading warning message as you, several times. Since I was really pressed for time, I did not investigate it, but went back to playing with BT and then got that to work.

Thats really great news (the BT fix and SurvCE), can’t wait to get home and try it!

My Archer2 also successfully paired with the RS, with the 2.5.3 update. This is great. So now we can use the Archer or our Surface, and SurvCE or SurvPC.


I have tested EMLID Reach RS lately using MicroSurvey FieldGenius and am happy with how well the receiver performs. Results are good when using a RTK correction link, I was finding centimeter horizontal accuracy is possible in good conditions.

The equipment I was using for testing included a few different Windows tablet, and a Handheld Nautiz X8 with Windows Mobile 6.5 OS.

I have created some quick guides to get going with FieldGenius which can be downloaded from


That is awesome. Very nice tutorial.

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Some photos from the testing.


I couldn’t be left behind,so I installed a demo version on my device and thought I’d show a few pictures showing Microsurvey FieldGenius operating successfully on my Topcon FC-500 as well.I was impressed with simplicity of install and connection. Here is some useful info on connecting to Windows Mobile device via bluetooth.

(This picture is shown in front of a storm that soon produced a small tornado)


Very nice! Thanks for using the setup guides and sharing the photos.

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We were also able to get Reach working with the thing I was originally trying to do (the reason I got the Archer in first place, rather than just using an android tablet or windows tablet). This is a photo of our first tests using an original reach (connected to an NTRIP server via a cell data connection) to output NMEA data to the Archer 2. 3rd party software on the Archer is recording and combining that NMEA data with the output stream from our Bartington Grad601 gradiometer. Our first results looked quite promising. For real fieldwork we would have to use the RS, since we won’t have RTK correction data over a cell network, and will instead need to use the LoRa radio, but then we will need to make a better RS mount. The original reach could just be temporarily mounted.


Was wondering a few things about the SurvCE setup, was it using an Ntrip base? if so how could you explain the steps to make it working?
Does it do stakeout?
Works only in open spaces or it can be used in a city?
Would it be a good replacement for the usual l1/l2 gps rover for rtk work?
Thanks in advance.

There’s some really great info here! Surveyor for 20 years and still learning!

Forgive my ignorance, but I thought Topcon Magnet Field would only work with Topcon or Sokkia receivers?? I have minimal experience with this software but am considering as an app use for foremen/engineers.

Also have been playing with Carlson survpc but cannot find a generic nmea input- what is the setup for this supposed to look like?

thanks again
hopefully I can contribute some stuff also soon.

I have the Reach RS up and running with 12d field- a survey module of 12d model which is a pretty well used civil design and surveying package developed in Australia.

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with bluetooth position output. I use SurvPC on my Sony Vaio laptop. I added Reach RS into bluetooth devices, but I see “send error (111)” in the position output screen. SurvPC also cannot connect to Reach reciever. Does somebody have a solution for fixing it?

Check this one out, might give you clue

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Hi Pete,

Which version of 12D Field are you using?

Regards, Al.


I messaged Hugh Stephenson with regards to his message on the forum and pointed him in the direction of one of my mates in QLD who has the RS2 with 12d field and loves it.
I haven’t played with my original RS units for about 2 years- they were just too flaky trying to get and maintain a fix.

I’m interested in the M2 receiver due in January- is there any reason I could not run an M2 as a base with LoRa radio and M2 as a rover with LoRa radio?