Reach RS+ and GlobalSat LM210H communication issue


I’m trying to establish a connection between a Reach RS+ and a raspberry pi. In order to achieve this, I’m sending the corrections from the Reach RS+ via LoRa and using an LM210H LoRa module connected to the raspberry pi via UART to receive them.
However, im losing lots of information in the process.
Has anyone tried something similar to this?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

I tried this some time ago. There’s a thread on here somewhere where a few of us had a go.

Unfortunately the short answer is the particular LoRA protocol implementation on the Reach devices is specific (or proprietary) to Emlid and you cannot use other 3rd party LoRA radio receivers.

Hi Felipe,

Sorry for the delayed response!

This issue might happen because of your LM210H radio specific configurations and settings. Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with any exact recommendations on how to set this radio up.

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