Reach RS and Bluetooth connection to Satel Compact-4BT radio

I have an issue getting a successful bluetooth connection working with these two device. The Satel radio shows up as paired in the ReachView app and the LED sequence briefly, perhaps for 2 or 3 seconds, on the radio indicates a bluetooth connection has been established but then…er nothing.

The radio having not connected drops out eventually of pairing mode after a few minutes. The Reach on the other hand continues to think the devices are paired. I have tried with both my Reach RS receivers, both running on v2.11.10.

The radio has ‘classic’ and ‘low-power’ bluetooth interfaces. The Reach RS’s can discover/see the ‘classic’ BT interface from the radio.

I have successfully connected both Reach receivers here using Bluetooth to other data collectors and likewise the radio has been successfully paired to an Android tablet and also to my laptop and passed data, so I know both the radio and Reach RS Bluetooth interfaces are working fine - but just not together!

I have tried deleting and re-pairing, switching the bluetooth radio off on the Satel and also the Reach

Does anyone have any other suggestions to try?

Hey there,

These’s a following phrase in the data sheet of this radio:

To be able to use SATEL Compact-4BT with Bluetooth it first should be paired with the user device where SATEL NETCO is installed.

So I’m not sure it will be possible to pair Reach with it over BT. Still it should be possible to connect the devices via Serial.

Thanks. Yes, I believe that text you quoted is specifically in relation to using the NETCO config app, as its written in the section 8.2.3 for “Using a Mobile Application”.

As this config/monitoring app runs under Android, one needs to pair and connect the Android device and the radio in order to use the app - which stands to reason. The pairing with my Android tablet uses “Bluetooth Low Energy” BLE aka Bluetooth 4.1

However when operating the device used for simply passing data in and out to the radio, I have successfully paired it to my MacBook (which can’t run the NETCO app). It simply pairs up using the Serial Port Protocol (SPP) using “Classic” Bluetooth 2.1 - it uses a different/separate Bluetooth MAC address than BLE Bluetooth

I’m just wondering if the Bluetooth chipset in the Emlid doesn’t handshake ‘nicely’ with the chipset in the Satel modem…as I can very briefly (split second) see in ReachView that the BLE interface (named “CP-4BT-L”) however from then on in the only interface that is visible/pairable in ReachView is “CP-4BT-C” (i.e Bluetooth 2.1 / Classic).

And yes for now I’m just using a cabled serial connection between Reach RS and the radio, but I was hoping to go cable free!

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