Reach RS and Android

is reachview app compatible with android version 4.1.2 ? I want to use my smartphone but the app says my smartphone isn’t compatible with this version of app. What version of android do I need to have ? suggestions ?

I can’t answer your question about the version compatibility, but if the Android Reachview app isn’t working for you at the moment, then just use the Fing app instead.

Really all the ReachView app does is find the IP address of any Reach devices on the local network. It also makes it easy to open up their ReachView pages, but those are just ‘nice to have’ features.

All that is required is to find the IP address of your Reach devices, then open up that IP address in your browser.

That should get you going for now, and after that I hope whatever app version incompatibility you are facing can be easily fixed.

Just in case there is some confusion about ReachView:
  • The ReachView app for Android and iOS is an optional helper application that finds your Reach devices and makes it easy to interact with them
  • The ReachView software is a web app hosted by the built-in web server on each and every Reach device. It is easily accessed with any web browser, and that is where you will perform all the basic functions: monitor status, configure, and download log files.

There is an older version of reachview because my android 4.4 can’t download the app…

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