Reach RS+ and 2 M+ for sale

Greetings All…We are selling our Reach RS+ and 2 M+ units that we used for PPK testing on multirotor UAS last summer. We are selling these as we are going to upgrade to the RS2 and M2 units. All 3 units are upgraded to latest firmware, and come with all cables, antenna, accessories, and 2 hot shoes for DSLR cameras. One set was purchased as the Reach M+ UAV mapping kit, and the other M+ was purchased separately. All units work correctly, and one if the M+ units never left the lab. Original purchase price of ~$1,500, I will sell the entire package for half price, or $750 USA. Please let me know if you are interested. I’ll pull them off the shelf and take some pics of the entire package.

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Here are the pics of the 3 units…3-D printed

mounts included…

Also listed on Ebay…

Item is sold!

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