Reach rover via BT to android running Lefebure NTRIP Client


Has anyone setup a reach board to bluetooth GPS data to android device running Lefebure NTRIP Client (I have a subscription to a correction service) in order to get a RTK position on Android device (see link below).

Its the bottom article

I hope you all had a good xmas and new year :-):grinning:

i probably have, but not sure i understand your question.
Are you trying to send correction from service to your reach, like ntrip?

Iā€™m trying to use NTRIP device to get RTK fix and use this position for android apps using the Mock location capability in Librefure



Just tested with and its working.
Base running 2.10.0 stable
Rover 2.10.2 Beta

Base setting:
Sending correction to, port 2101, Pass= (See for recent update on how to connect) and is connected to my local wifi.

Rover setting:
RTK kinemtatic. Bluetooth enabled, correction input = bluetooth, correction output Bluetooth NMEA. Not connected to any internet or hotspot

Lefebure setting: See pictures below

Perfect! Works a treat :slight_smile:

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