Reach (rover side) second coordinates output

Hi all !
This is my first post so first, thanx to all Emlid team and its community doing amazing things :slight_smile:

I’m using two Reach cards to get precision location on a pixhawk equiped uav, running 2.3(beta) firmware found on the tuto link, updated with ReachView 2.2.7
On the rover side, i get the communication/correction with the pixhawk working fine, but i also need to send coordinates in XYZ format to an arduino board.

In ReachView position output tab, i only see the output1 section, is there any way to also output XYZ coordinates using a 2nd port?
(serial port or USB port, that i can convert with ftdi board and input to arduino board).

When i connect the Reach board (rover) also with USB to a computer, should i see a output2 section settings?

Thanx for any information!

Hi @Guillaume33,

We will be adding second solution output, it is on our issue tracker :slight_smile: I do not have an ETA yet, but it is tied to rework of part of backend that we are currently doing for other upcoming feature.

Thanx @igor.vereninov ,
I’ve read somewere in the forum that this was possible on early 1.2 firmware?
Maybe i’ve misunderstood…

What about this post:

It suggest that we can output on a 2nd port?

It was possible, but due to changes needed for new version it no longer is.

Okay, sad… hope it will be available soon.

If you have an idea how i can get the XYZ gps data, and in the same time feeding Pixhawk it will help a lot.

Thanks for informations

Hello, is there an update on the second output option. We too need a second output of GPS position (NMEA) in order to feed a LIDAR system while the primary output must go to the Pixhawk flight controller.

Thanks for any update.