Reach RINEX conversion feature request

I have been working on post-processing Reach output, with some good results, and have been in communication with the author of this excellent blog on using RTKLib. Having sent him some of my Reach data to play with, he commented on the fact the default RINEX conversion performed by the Reach module is not including the .nav files for any system other than GPS (e.g. gnav for Glonass). Without them, the extra satellites data recorded when e.g. logging GPS + Glonass are not used by RTKLib. Of course, you can convert the .ubx files yourself again to get these files but it would be very useful if the default Reach conversion would generate nav files for each system that was logged.

There is some other useful stuff that could be included in the conversion that isn’t - I’ll quote from my correspondence with the blog author here - could this also be made default?


Have you tried different Rinex version? In version 3 all systems data should be in .nav .

No :slight_smile: I will give it a go on my next logs…
Are you also exporting the doppler information in RINEX v3?

It should be there, there is the rtkconv (CLI version of convbin) doing the conversion on Reach. If you spot the difference between doing something in convbin vs on Reach, with the same Rinex version please let us know.

OK thanks Igor - my bad :slight_smile: ! I believe that you do need to specify an extra command line option when using convbin, to get the doppler - I will check it when I next make a log.

By the way, we have already included some fixes from rtklibexplorer into latest Reach update :slight_smile:

FYI Igor my logs were produced with RINEX 3.01. Have now changed that to 3.02 and will be logging some more data tomorrow, so I will see what happens during the conversion.

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Hi Igor,
What I can confirm is that - even if RINEX v3 contains all nav data in a single .nav file - RTKLIB does not use anything other than GPS satellites when post-processing Reach-converted data. If I convert manually and get separate nav/gnav files, then RTKLIB does use Glonass, and my solution improves. I’m not sure whether this is a conversion issue or an RTKLIB issue. If I get time, I may look into it further but for now my advice is to convert manually (using convbin 2.4.3). This is producing better results for me.

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Fixed in v0.3.2

Thanks Igor. Do you know what the issue was? Is it now producing multiple .nav files or is all the nav data contained within one?

It depends on the RINEX version you have selected. RINEX 3 contains all the data in the .nav file. RINEX 2 has separate files for different GNSS

So are you confirming that there was an issue with the v3 export from Reach? Also - do you include the doppler information now? (-od option).

So are you confirming that there was an issue with the v3 export from Reach? Also - do you include the doppler information now? (-od option).

Yeah, it’s also in the newly converted logs