Reach real time status output through serial

Hi all,

My reach rover is sending output data through serial to an arduino device. Format: NMEA strings. I would like to let the arduino check the status of the output (single, float or fix).
In the NMEA GPGSA format, the second part of the string is 1 (no fix) ,2 (2D) or 3 (3D).
However when I have status single, float or fix, the reported number is 3 meaning that I have a fix, which in two of the cases I have not.

Anyone knows why this is & how I can fix (:wink: ) my problem?

I think NMEA FIX definitions are a little different that RTK definitions. RTK uses FIX, FLOAT, and SINGLE + SBAS DGPS< etc. NMEA FIX is more like FLOAT in RTK as original GPS units were mostly single receivers. The 2D FIX came about because NMEA was/is a sea going standard where most GPS receivers were at sea level. I’m not certain or the 3D part, but probably was added for land usage. So, I don’t know the answer. maybe someone is more familiar with the different definitions and NMEA standards.

You’re right. We 're using another format now instead of NMEA. Means we had to abandon the tinyGPS library but we got it all up and running now!


Glad you got it going…