Reach/Reach RS Bluetooth output huge lag/latency

I’m using Reach RS with latest update and trying to output NMEA data via bluetooth to external device.

I have 5Hz Update rate configured.

I figured out that bluetooth out have huge delay - after 10 minutes of outputting data the lag is around 3 seconds and it is increasing with time.

It can be related to amount of NMEA messages outputted in 5Hz update rate, or that other ports outputting in the same time.

Is it possible to change messages that are outputted via bluetooth. For example I need only $GPRMC in 5Hz rate, but GPGGA or GPGSA and others can be 1Hz or disabled.

Is it possible to leave only bluetooth output on, and others methods off?

With such delay it is impossible to use this bluetooth output with external devices.


I found also that there is Send Error (111) in ReachView app even when I’m not connected to any device.
I tried also connection with different android devices. All of them had this lag.


After changing 5Hz to 1Hz update rate bluetooth output lag is not noticeable.
So how to change what NMEA messages will be outputted via bluetooth and messages frequency.
How to turn off other outputs?
I know that ReachView doesn’t have this options, but maybe it is possible somehow from console?

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What kind of app are you using to read the NMEA stream? It could be buffering on the receiving end.

I’m developing my own application but the same is for example with NTRIP Client by Lefebure.


It’s an interesting find. I’ve added this problem to our issue tracking list. Send error (111) is not a real error. It’s a cosmetic defect we have. This is the internal state of the system while we are waiting for a BT connection, so no need to worry about that.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any other settings for NMEA output for now.

We can confirm the issue. The fix should be out in one of the next app updates.


this bug is affecting me also. Here is a plot showing the lag between current time and ReachRS time (from NMEA data).

It can be seen that Bluetooth comms are affected but not TCP comms.

As an interim measure I could use a TCP connection but for this to work I need to programmatically determine the ReachRS IP address from my application. As far as I know ReachRS cannot be configured with a static IP address and the ReachRS device name appears as “Unknown” on my network. Is there a way to programmatically find the ReachRS IP address when it connects to a network?

Or maybe this fix is very close. In which case I will not need a work around.

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Actually the solution was simpler than I thought. I was able to assign a static IP address in the router using the ReachRS hardware mac address.


Great news. Seems like dhcp server did not have time to start. Kind of weird, but I am glad you’ve found a solution.

Thanks for the reports. The BT output latency is fixed in the latest v2.9.3.

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I can confirm that v2.9.3 has fixed this issue. Thanks! :grinning:


amazing support guys !

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Hi Egor,

Are there plans to allow changes to the NMEA output messages in future updates? i.e select only GPGGA messages only. I’m having bluetooth connection issues and fairly sure it is a buffer issue on the receiver end. For now I can only get the connection to work with just GPS at 5hz enabled in RTK settings, with the devices as close together as possible. Cheers

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